Groups, Projects & Software

Personal Contributions

  • Member of founding team, a cloud based IDE for Arduino and other Embedded devices. Developer of the browser to device communication interfaces (java based applet initially, replaced by a cross browser extension), CI services and Over-The-Network Programing.
  • Member Sensorflare founding team, an award winning platform, which helps you to control all of your smart devices. Even if they are produced by different manufacturers. Sensorflare simplifies your everyday intelligent living. Everyone is a wizard in a smart device world.
  • Wiselib contributor: and algorithmic library for Wireless Sensor Network. Wiselib offers developers an abstraction layer from hardware specifications to develop algorithms based on generic programming and advanced C++ concepts.

Research Projects

  • GamECAR: Road transport is one of the major causes of the environmental pollution. In addition, road traffic injuries are a serious public health problem in the European Region, with huge social and financial adverse effects. A leading cause for both issues is aggressive driving.Driver’s style makes a difference in terms of fuel consumption, with a stretch up to 35 % between a calm and an aggressive one. Individuals can contribute in the reduction of CO2 emission associated to personal transportation by operating their vehicles more efficiently.To make this change more effective, GamECAR will put in place an innovative strategy building on Gamification.
  • GAIA: GAIA (Green Awareness In Action) is a three year long, EU-funded H2020 project made up of nine partners.
  • This project aims to promote positive behavioural changes within communities regarding energy consumption/awareness. GAIA activities consist of the gamification of real-time, IoT-enhanced energy consumption metrics in trial schools located in Italy, Greece and Sweden.
  • Organicity: OrganiCity is a platform for interaction between everyone in the city. Citizens, activists, researchers, businesses, city government – everyone in the city can contribute. Through workshops, meetups, conferences and events, and online via discussion boards and other platforms, social media and a growing set of online tools, you can get involved to highlight the ways you think smart technology can help make your city a better place to live, work and play.
  • Greenmindset: The project aims to implement the green concept for reducing the energy load on selected carriers of the Greek Ministry of Education as an initial pilot implementation on which to base further actions, which will cover the building of infrastructure. This pilot project was implemented in 48 school campuses and two buildings of CTI.
  • SPITFIRE: Semantic-Service Provisioning for the Internet of Things using Future Internet Research by Experimentation. The project is funded as part of an ICT/FIRE European Union program.
  • WISEBED: Wireless Sensor Network Testbed. The project is funded as part of an ICT/FIRE European Union program.
  • FRONTS: Foundations of Adaptive Networked Societies of Tiny Artefacts. The project is funded as part of an ICT/FET European Union program.